Capital Fund

Honor and Support
Wayne Hogue was a lifelong supporter of Prosser and the surrounding communities, a dedicated philanthropist and businessman, Wayne insisted on leading by example. As a past Mayor of Prosser, Rotarian, Farmer and Rancher, he used his many resources and talents to steadily improve the high-quality community that we enjoy today. Wayne always believed that in fundraising, “You just have to ask.”

The Wayne Hogue PMH Capital Fund provides financial support to capital healthcare needs including facility improvement, hospital equipment and staff training.

The hospital and Wayne’s objectives are well-aligned - to provide the best possible healthcare options and treatment in an inviting atmosphere. These combined efforts will bring advanced technology and resources to the Yakima Valley and the patients of the communities we serve.

You Can Help
Tax deductible gifts may be given in many ways. The Foundation accepts cash, gift annuities, securities, bequests, real estate, remainder trust gifts, personal property, testamentary trust gifts and life insurance. Contact the Foundation, or your financial advisor for ways you can benefit, and present a legacy gift in support of the NW Community Foundation

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